About Us:  Beginnings
the Origin of Activity Director Today
"Activity Professionals are the salt-of-the-earth. The Activity Director’s Office website
is dedicated to everyone who works in the Activity Department and/or Marketing
Department of a facility serving a dependent population. Our visitors will always find a
friend in us."
- Robert Lucas, HFA (retired), Linda Lucas, AD (retired),
Activity Director Today

For 25 years Robert Lucas was a Health Facility Administrator married to an Activity
Professional (Linda Lucas, AD). In 2002 he decided to enjoy the life of retirement. It
was a bad choice. So, needing a "responsible-for-something" fix, he created two
Newsletter-Express.com (which offered facility newsletters for health
care facilities) and
The Activity Director's Office (a.k.a. the ADO).  The
combination of the two sites led him to create a monthly e-magazine for Activity
Professionals called
Activity Director Monthly.

The e-magazine immediately gained a large following among Activity Professionals
across the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. In fact, the magazine
became so popular the Lucas’s were unable to keep up with the thousands of
subscription requests. For that reason
Activity Director Monthly is available directly
from the
ADO website without need for a subscription.

The amazing thing about the website and the e-magazine is that other activity
professionals from across the United States (
i.e. Consultants, magazine publishers,
professional organizations
) accepted Bob & Linda’s offer for them to sponsor and
contribute monthly articles to T
he Activity Director's Office and Activity Director
. Today visitors can find many helps and references for the practical
operation of their department including monthly articles from the following Activity
Professionals and organizations:  

  • Debbie Hommel (Executive Director, D H Special Services),
  • Sandra Stimson (Executive Director, Activity Solutions in Long Term
  • Kate Lynch (Editor, Current Activities in Long Term Care),
  • Silvana Clark (Professional Speaker),
  • Kimberly Grandal (Executive Director, Re-Creative Resources)
  • NAAP (Debbie Bera, Public Relations Trustee, National Association of
    Activity Professionals),
  • NCCAP (Kathy Hughes, President, National Certification Council for
    Activity Professionals).
  • Robert Goldstick (a professional musician, executive director, Heart & Soul

In 2004
The Activity Director’s Office absorbed Gina Salazar’s website, Activity
Ideas That Work
, which doubled the ADO’s size while increasing the quantity and
quality of its content.

In 2007
The Activity Director's Office and Activity Director Monthly names were
changed to
Activity Director Today.  Also, a message board was started with the
Activity Director Community.

The original goal was to create a website which would be a hub (or one-stop-shop)
for Activity Professionals searching for help on the Internet. At the time of origin
(2003) there wasn't much on the net to help Activity Professionals. However, in the
last three years many different sites have been developed. Some of these sites are
pay sites...some are free sites. Most of them are fairly decent.
Activity Director
is a free site...and the Lucas’s intend to keep it that way.

They are quick to point out that it is a privilege to help such a vital and hardworking
department as the Activity Department. For Activity Professionals the paperwork is
overwhelming and the time is never enough. But the need of the residents' for a
vibrant array of meaningful activities is as vital for the resident as are the nursing and
dietary services. Not only that, the Lucas’s stress that the Activity Department can be
(and should be) the most visible gateway for the successful marketing of the facility. It
is this belief which drives
Activity Director Today and Activity Director Today e-
magazine.  Activity Professionals are appreciated more than they will ever know.

Bob & Linda Lucas
for Activity Professionals
in Long Term Care Settings

Copyright 2004-Present
The Activity Director's Office
All Rights Reserved


Activity Director Today
by Linda Lucas, AD

Activity Ideas That Work
The original website of
Gina Salazar, AD

Your Monthly Activity Planner
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activity nuggets to help
plan your activities

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Dear Debbie:
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Executive Director
DH Special Services

Current Activities in
Longterm Care Page
by Kate Lynch, Editor of
Current Activities in
Longterm Care

The Alternative
Solutions Page
by Sandra Stimson
Executive Director
Alternative Solutions in
Long Term Care

Silvana Clark's Insights
by Silvana Clark,  
Professional speaker

Re-Creative Resources Page
by Kimberly Grandal
Executive Director
Re-Creative Resources

Heart & Soul Music
Music Therapy Resource

The NAAP Page
National Association of Activity

The NCCAP Page
National Certification Council
of Activity Professionals

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Activity Director Today
Providing Internet Resources
for Activity Professionals
in Long Term Care Settings

Copyright 2004-Present
The Activity Director's Office
All Rights Reserved

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