Susan Berg's Activity Ideas Galore
By Susan Berg, CDP, AD,  BS(COTA/L)
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Susan Berg
Author, Activity Director
Activities Director Blog
Alzheimers Ideas
About Susan

Susan Berg has been a
healthcare professional and
educator for over 20 years. She
is the, activity director, of
many years, at Hunt Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center in
Danvers. While there, she has
gained much dementia care
and activity experience and
knowledge. She has had
special training in dementia
care and dementia activities
through the Alzheimer’s
Association and other
educational forums. Berg is the
author of Adorable
Photographs of Our Baby-
Meaningful, Mind-Stimulating
Activities and More for the
Memory Challenged, Their
Loved Ones, and Involved
Professionals, a book for those
with dementia and an
excellent resource for
caregivers and healthcare
Take a look
at Susan's book
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Note:  They can also be
used without the book
and are ideal for group
July Activities

Another month, another opportunity to bring joy and purpose to the residents you serve.

Start off the month by celebrating Canada Day. I am sure many of your residents have
visited parts of Canada. Some may even be from Canada. You can do trivia about
Canada, click here  for
some Canada trivia. Sing some French songs such as Frère Jacques or Aloutte, click
html for the words or color in a Canadian flag or map of Canada

As part of that activity you can play a game of Name That Tune including some French
songs and patriotic songs. For a great way to play Name That Tune with lower
functioning residents refer to
Archive200808.html . Of course, the reason it is a good idea to play Name That Tune is
because in early July Name That Tune Day occurs. You can also add a Name That
Tune trivia portion to the activity. Go to
com/2009/06/name-that-tune-facts.html for some Name That Tune facts.

Besides, Canada Day, Independence Day is celebrated in the United States. Most older
Americans have a strong sense of patriotism and the Fourth of July is yet another
reason to celebrate America and all its patriotic festivities.

There are many easy patriotic crafts you can try. One of my favorites is to make a red,
white and blue wall decoration. I use half sheets of blue construction paper and two
inch strips of white and red crepe paper from rolls. This project is done as a team or
individually depending on the skill level of the group members.

For more information on this project go to
Another even easier craft is to have residents draw fireworks on a plain sheet of white
paper. Use multiple colors and glitter markers for a nice effect.
For more patriotic ideas go to

Moving on, July is ice cream month, blueberry month, and peach month. There are
plenty things you can do to incorporate these things.

The most obvious is to have an ice cream social with blueberries and peach as

For those on puree diets, you can use some apple sauces made with peach and
blueberries or just have the kitchen puree these fruits for you.

What about planning a trip to the beach in July? I discussed an activity called A Picture
is Worth a Thousand Words
Archive200809.html  which is actually a creative activity. An activity like this can be done

But the picture, I highlighted for this
activity certainly looks like two babies and a mother at the beach.
http://www. This page is a story that was created by residents
about going to the beach.

Other ideas that you could use for a discussion about a day at the beach include these
Have a grab bag with items used at the beach. Have a discussion about, What should
we take to the beach?
Then you can show each item. Each item lends itself to a discussion. A sample grab
bag might include:
  • a shovel
  • large shells
  • suntan lotion
  • a towel
  • a bathing suit
  • a bathing cap
  • sunglasses
You can also play ocean sounds and
and sing some songs about the summer

If you need words to some summer songs, click here http://activitiesdirector.blogspot.

Another idea would be to have a parachute activity to Hawaiian music. Make sure to
place a beach ball on the parachute and have the participants make it go up and down
by shaking the parachute.

These beach activities can be done all summer long and when you want to think about
warm weather and summer.

I hope you will find these activities a great addition to your July activity calendar and

One final thing you might be interested in, is an interview I did at Love To Know about
what board games seniors might enjoy. Here is a link to it